About The BNG Hub

The BNG Hub is your comprehensive resource for navigating the complexities of biodiversity net gain (BNG). Backed by the expertise of Wildscapes CIC, the ecological and environmental consultancy attached to the Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust, we are dedicated to enhancing biodiversity and fostering a sustainable future for both nature and communities. Our collaborative approach with clients ensures that nature thrives alongside development.

Our Services

The BNG Hub offers a range of specialized services designed to guide you through the entire BNG process. From comprehensive baseline assessments to BNG offset unit delivery, our seasoned experts are equipped to ensure your construction projects align with nature.

BNG Advisory

Navigating mandatory BNG? We clarify its impact on projects—financially and environmentally. Count on us for guidance.

BNG Assessments

Ecologists assess site biodiversity, pre/post development. DEFRA BNG metric calculates change. We aid 10% BNG shortfall solutions.

BNG Plans

We design approved biodiversity gain plans for mandatory BNG, covering all aspects, ensuring local authority's green light.

Demystifying Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Delve into the intricacies of BNG with our informative resources. Learn about regulations, metrics, planning applications, and the significance of biodiversity net gain for a sustainable future.

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